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Curtin Volunteers!

Curtin Volunteers! is a not-for-profit student-run organisation that has been a part of Curtin for the past ten years. The organisation gives students the opportunity to get out there in the community and help out - an experience that benefits both the communities we serve and the students involved.

John Curtin Weekend is Curtin Volunteers! largest and longest running community project. Now in its eighth year, John Curtin Weekend provides the opportunity for 400 volunteers to travel to 30 regional towns and 3 metropolitan sites to work on projects chosen by the towns and sites. John Curtin Weekend celebrates the day John Curtin became Prime Minister of Australia on 7 October, 1941, and his legacy of vision, leadership and community service.

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The Centre for Aboriginal Studies logo is the goanna, or 'gunada'. The goanna embodies strength, wisdom and endurance. It lies in a circle to symbolise the cycles and continuity of life.