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University council

The University Council is our governing authority according to the Curtin University of Technology Act 1966. The Chancellor leads the Council.

The day-to-day running of the University is under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor and a group of senior officers from academic and corporate areas.

The Senior Executive Team (SET) is an advisory body that meets weekly to advise the Vice-Chancellor on strategic and operational issues. All decisions are actioned in accordance with the delegations contained in the Register of Delegations.

University Council Members effective 22 August 2014

Members appointed by the Governor

  • Mr Chris Bennett
  • Mr Kim Bridge
  • Mr Michael Lishman
  • Mr Keith Spence
  • Dr Michael Stanford (Pro Chancellor)
  • Vacant

Member nominated by the Minister for Education and Training

  • Ms Sue Wilson

Member who is the Chief Executive Officer

  • Professor Deborah Terry (Vice Chancellor)

Members elected by Full-Time Academic Staff

  • Professor Dale Pinto
  • Professor Glennda Scully

Members elected by Students

  • Ms Cairney Lucks
  • Miss Eva Przenioslo

Member elected by Full-time Salaried (General) Staff

  • Mr Andy Sharp

Member elected by the Alumni Association

  • Vacant

Members Co-opted by the Council

  • Mr Colin Beckett (Chancellor)
  • Mr Steve Scudamore
  • Mr Gene Tilbrook

Up to three members who are members of bodies that represent the interests of the University in places other than the University’s principal campus

  • Vacant

Member who is a member of the Academic Board elected by and from the Academic Board

  • Associate Professor Linley Lord

In Attendance

  • Director, Secretariat and Council Secretary
    Mr Jon Porter

Senior Officers of the University


Professor Debbie Terry

Provost & Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Colin Stirling

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education

Professor Jill Downie

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Development

Professor Graeme Wright

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International

Professor David Wood

Vice President, Corporate Relations and Development

Ms Val Raubenheimer

Vice President, Corporate Services

Mr Ian Callahan

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Business School

Professor Tony Travaglione

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Sarawak

Professor James Mienczakowski

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Singapore

Professor Robert Evans

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Health Sciences

Professor Michael Berndt

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Humanities

Professor Majella Franzmann

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Science and Engineering

Professor Andris Stelbovics

Chief Financial Officer

Mr David Menarry

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr Marco Schultheis