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University Council

The University Council is our governing authority according to the Curtin University of Technology Act 1966. The Chancellor leads the Council.

The day-to-day running of the University is under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor and a group of senior officers from academic and corporate areas.

The Senior Executive Team (SET) is an advisory body that meets weekly to advise the Vice-Chancellor on strategic and operational issues. All decisions are actioned in accordance with the delegations contained in the Register of Delegations.

University Council Members effective 1 April 2015

Members appointed by the Governor

  • Mr Kim Bridge
  • Ms Cathryn Carver
  • Dr Andrew Crane
  • Mr Alex Jones
  • Mr Michael Lishman
  • Dr Michael Stanford

Member nominated by the Minister for Education and Training

  • Ms Sue Wilson (Pro Chancellor)

Member who is the Chief Executive Officer

  • Professor Deborah Terry (Vice-Chancellor)

Members elected by Full-Time Academic Staff

  • Professor Dale Pinto
  • Professor Glennda Scully

Members elected by Students

  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Member elected by Full-time Salaried (General) Staff

  • Mr Andy Sharp

Member elected by the Alumni Association

  • Vacant

Members Co-opted by the Council

  • Mr Colin Beckett (Chancellor)
  • Mr Steve Scudamore
  • Mr Gene Tilbrook

Up to three members who are members of bodies that represent the interests of the University in places other than the University’s principal campus

  • Vacant

Member who is a member of the Academic Board elected by and from the Academic Board

  • Associate Professor Linley Lord

In Attendance

  • Director, Secretariat and Council Secretary
    Mr Jon Porter

Senior Officers of the University


Professor Debbie Terry

Provost & Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor David Wood

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education

Professor Jill Downie

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Development

Professor Graeme Wright

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International

Associate Professor Simon Leunig

Vice President, Corporate Relations and Development

Ms Val Raubenheimer

Vice President, Corporate Services

Mr Ian Callahan

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Business School

Professor Tony Travaglione

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Sarawak

Professor James Mienczakowski

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Singapore

Professor Robert Evans

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Health Sciences

Professor Michael Berndt

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Humanities

Professor Majella Franzmann

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Science and Engineering

Professor Andris Stelbovics

Chief Financial Officer

Mr David Menarry

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr Marco Schultheis