Disability Access & Inclusion Plan 2012-2017

It is with pleasure that I present Curtin’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017.

Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry

While this is Curtin’s second five-year plan under the requirements of the Western Australian disability legislation, it is in fact our third formal disability plan, having committed ourselves to a Disability Services Plan in 1997 when this was not a requirement. We still take pride in being the first WA university to do so.

Through each of our plans, we have strived to make Curtin a more accessible and inclusive environment for people with a disability to succeed in higher education. We have evolved from the practice of a ‘removing barriers’ approach to a proactive model of shared responsibilities and inclusive design. In this plan we intend to use the experience of our internationally recognised experts to guide us in best practice trends, to engage in the Disability Services Commission’s ‘Count Me In – Disability Future Directions’ strategy, and to embed the principles of ‘universal design’ – a universalist approach to design and processes – more fully in our facilities, academic programs and services, to ensure accessibility for the widest range of users.

We intend to benchmark ourselves against the world’s best practices in access and inclusion in higher education, and we seek to be a leader in our sector.

Our students, staff and the Western Australian public are our partners in these goals and we welcome feedback on our progress at any time.

Professor Deborah Terry AO
Curtin University


Curtin University appreciates the feedback received during the five-year review of our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2007–2011 from our students, staff, and individuals in the Western Australian community. This has been invaluable in helping us understand our achievements and the work we still have ahead, and has informed our preparation of this Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

Curtin also acknowledges the professional work undertaken on its behalf by E-QUAL Disability Consultants in reviewing our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2007-2011 and in assisting us to formulate our new plan.