Keeping the Disability Access & Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2012 – 2017 fresh

Annual Activity Plans

Curtin will take a different approach to a prioritised rollout of our plan over the next five years by using Annual Activity Plans.

These plans will allow us to mark annual progress and modify strategies, if required, in the following year. The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Implementation Committee (DAIPIC) will monitor this.

Continual consultation with our students, staff and visitors

We welcome contact about any matter regarding access and inclusion at Curtin to help us keep our DAIP relevant. This can be done by:

Ms Michelle Rogers
Director, Support Services
Curtin University
GPO Box U1987 PERTH WA 6845

+61 8 9266 3052
Attention: Ms Michelle Rogers


If you require a hardcopy or another format of the DAIP, please call 9266 7850 or 1800 651 878 (non-metropolitan).

How will the DAIP be reviewed?

The responsibility for review and evaluation will rest with the DAIPIC. Monitoring the achievement of tasks in the DAIP implementation plan will take into account the following reporting requirements:

  • Curtin’s Annual Report
  • an annual report to the Disability Services Commission (DSC).

A five-year review will be in accordance with Part 5 of the Disability Services Act 1993 (WA), namely:

  • reviewing the DAIP every five years or earlier
  • advertising this intention and inviting public consultation
  • lodging the review and outcome results with the DSC
  • ensuring the DAIP is available and accessible to people with a disability and the public
  • reporting this process in Curtin’s Annual Report.

Curtin will use the DSC’s reporting template.