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The plan so far

Curtin’s RAP is monitored and reviewed by the University as part of its normal annual reporting. Part of this reporting involved obtaining feedback from Curtin staff of their personal observations during the year.

Naturally there has been some difficulties implementing the RAP, but it has also provided a vehicle for pride and creative thinking.

What we’ve learnt so far:

  • there is pride in the fact that our RAP exists and that Curtin is still the only Australian university to make this public commitment;
  • our original RAP objectives/targets are ambitious but achievable;
  • Indigenous-related matters are no longer considered a lesser priority or just ‘”too hard”;
  • the RAP is still seen primarily as a responsibility of our Centre for Aboriginal Studies – we need to promote that it is a “whole of university” endeavour;
  • we have learned that Indigenous-specific units require better promotion;
  • an Indigenous Australian voice must be heard in the planning and evaluating of curriculum;
  • the RAP itself requires more promotion across all our campuses; it is currently Bentley-centric (main campus);
  • new strategies are required to recruit, develop and reward Indigenous academic and administrative staff across Curtin;
  • the student voice needs to be heard more in the implementation and review of the RAP.