Senior Executive Team

The Senior Executive Team (SET) is responsible for establishing and overseeing matters relating to the University’s strategic positioning and strategy implementation.

The SET develops the University’s strategic plan, prepares the annual University budget, monitors performance against plans and budgets, and oversees the University’s strategic projects.

The team also provides advice on matters that impact on the long-term direction of the University. It has the capacity to establish sub-committees to provide more focused discussion around specific projects, process and governance issues.

The team usually meets each Thursday morning and relevant outcomes from the meetings are shared by SET members with their teams and by the Vice-Chancellor through the Note to Staff and other means of communication.

For any queries about the SET, please contact the Vice-Chancellor’s Chief of Staff on +61 8 9266 1867.

Headshot of John Cordery


Professor John Cordery

Headshot of Alan Dench


Professor Alan Dench

Headshot of Jill Downie

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic

Professor Jill Downie

Headshot of Chris Moran

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research

Professor Chris Moran

Headshot of Seth Kunin

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International

Professor Seth Kunin

Headshot of Val Raubenheimer

Vice President, Corporate Relations

Ms Val Raubenheimer

Headshot of Ian Cullahan

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Ian Callahan

Headshot of Nigel de Bussy

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Business and Law

Professor Nigel de Bussy

Headshot of Archie Clements

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Health Sciences

Professor Archie Clements

Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Humanities

Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Humanities

Professor Michele Willson

Headshot of Jefremy Kilburn

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Science and Engineering

Professor Jeremy Kilburn

Linley Lord.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Curtin Singapore

Professor Linley Lord

Headshot of John Evans

Pro Vice-Chancellor Curtin Dubai

Professor John Evans

Headshot of Simon Leunig

Pro-Vice Chancellor and President, Curtin Malaysia

Professor Simon Leunig

Headshot of Professor Lina Pelliccione

Pro-Vice Chancellor and President Curtin Mauritius

Professor Lina Pelliccione

Headshot of David Menarry

Chief Financial Officer

Mr David Menarry

Headshot of Macro Schultheis

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr Marco Schultheis

Headshot of Alo Donald

Chief Legal Officer

Mr Al Donald