Development of our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2017 – 2020

Governance of our DAIP

Meeting legislative and Curtin compliance requirements

Curtin was the first Western Australian University to develop a voluntary Disability Services Plan (the equivalent of a DAIP) in 1997, to meet its obligations under the federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992. The Disability Services Plan was regularly reviewed and revised. An amendment to the WA Disability Services Act 1993, in 2004, required Curtin to prepare and lodge a new five-year DAIP in 2007. This plan was subsequently reviewed in 2011, and the DAIP 2012–2017 developed. The DAIP 2017–2020 will be Curtin’s third DAIP. It will be reviewed in its final year in conjunction with the review of the Curtin University Strategic Plan.

Our DAIP is determined by state legislation (the WA Disability Services Act 1993) and applies to our Western Australian campuses. It is also lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission to demonstrate our compliance with the federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and its standards. This ensures that our access and inclusion strategies apply to all our onshore Australian campuses and provides the benchmark for access and inclusion standards at our offshore campuses, where a particular country may not have disability legislation.

The DAIP aligns with Curtin’s policies that support diversity, ethics and social justice; guiding ethical principles; and procedures for the elimination of discrimination and harassment.

Responsibility for our DAIP

The Vice-Chancellor has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the objectives of the DAIP are implemented and that they are reviewed and revised on a regular basis. The University is responsible for providing an annual statement to the Department of Communities on the achievement of the objectives contained within this plan, as well as reporting DAIP achievements in Curtin’s annual report, under part 5 of the Finance Management Act 2006.

The responsibility for the review, evaluation and reporting of our DAIP will rest with the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee (DAIC). The DAIC is made up of senior Curtin leaders and chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic. The DAIC meets four times each year and reports to the Planning and Management Committee and ultimately, the Vice-Chancellor.

The Disability Services Act 1993 also requires that the Curtin DAIP is implemented by our agents and contractors, with the expectation that they will provide services in a way that is in keeping with Curtin’s access and inclusion standards and practices. Agents and contractors used by Curtin will be advised of the DAIP through procurement documentation, via the dedicated website for agents and contractors and through professional development for Curtin’s contract managers.

All Curtin staff, however, are equally responsible for the implementation of our DAIP, through embedding inclusive practices in our normal business, both academic and general.