About Curtin University

Curtin University is an innovative, global university known for its high-impact research, strong industry partnerships and commitment to preparing students for jobs of the future.

Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) commits to innovation and excellence in its actions for the benefit of our students and community; and further, makes Curtin accessible to people whose innovation and excellence might otherwise be denied or lost to the community. It builds on our values of social justice and inclusion and equality of opportunity in education and employment for all.

Curtin is Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university with more than 58,000 students and 4240 full-time employed staff. Our main campus is located in Bentley, six kilometres south of the centre of Perth, WA’s capital city, with an additional metropolitan campus in the Perth CBD. We also have a strong commitment to our regional community through our campus in Kalgoorlie WA.

To date, our education has been focused in the Asia-Pacific region, with offshore campuses in Singapore and Malaysia. However, our recent push towards realising our vision of becoming a global leader in research, education and engagement has seen us expand our presence into the Middle East through the launch of our Dubai Campus in 2017. We are also actively developing strategic international partnerships, alliances and integrated campuses in the Indian Ocean Region and Africa, and building deeper relationships through existing collaborations in Europe.

Our teaching areas include:


Transform lives and communities through education and research.

2030 Vision

A recognised global leader in research, education and engagement.

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Values and signature behaviours

Curtin’s shared values define what is important to us collectively and how we work together to achieve our strategic ambition and mission. Building on a foundation of integrity and respect, and through courage, we will achieve excellence and have an impact on the communities we serve.

Our values and signature behaviours foster inclusion and encourage the development of graduates who are equipped with the
knowledge and skills required to meet global industry standards. Our values and signature behaviours include:

  • integrity: to act ethically, honestly and with fairness
  • respect: to listen, value and acknowledge
  • courage: to lead, take responsibility and question
  • excellence: to strive for excellence and distinction
  • impact: to empower, enable and inspire.

Curtin will express these values through its commitment to the DAIP 2017-2020: Facilitating Universal Design.

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Curtin University’s strategic objectives 2017-2020

Learning and student experience:

Lead in educational innovation and prepare graduates for the future

Research and innovation:

Deliver excellence and impact in research and innovation.

Engagement and impact:

Make a difference globally through engagement and partnerships.

People and culture:

Empower our staff to lead as part of a strong, values-led organisation.

Global positioning:

Secure Curtin’s position as a leading global university.

Sustainable future:

Embed a business model that supports our strategic ambitions.

Curtin will support these objectives through the outcomes outlined in the DAIP 2017–2020: Facilitating Universal Design.