The Panel Pledge

The Panel Pledge initiative is designed to increase gender equity and diversity on panels at conferences, corporate events and other forums to increase the visibility of women and broaden and deepen the conversations generated.

Curtin supports the Panel Pledge as part of our commitment to gender equity and fostering diversity, and encourages all University staff to also ‘take the Pledge’.

A group shot of the Senior Executive Team (SET)
The Senior Executive Team unanimously support the Panel Pledge and encourages all Curtin staff to ‘take the Pledge’.

Take the pledge

As a signatory of the Curtin University Panel Pledge, I commit to:

  • only organising or participating in internal and external events that include gender diverse speakers and panel members
  • being an active advocate for gender balance and diversity
  • supporting and encouraging the voices of women
  • questioning the composition of panellists and speakers, and reserving my right to withdraw from events if gender balance and diversity is not achieved
  • encouraging my colleagues and friends to participate in the Panel Pledge.


For more information about the Panel Pledge and how you can uphold it, view the Panel Pledge Quick Guide.pdf [247 kB].

People who have taken the pledge

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