Learning and teaching

Higher education is in the midst of a revolution and Curtin is among those leading the challenge. We are a global university recognised for innovation in learning and teaching, with our curriculum, learning experiences and delivery methods highly responsive to the changing needs of industry and careers.

Our flexible study offerings are delivered via an engaging digital environment to a diverse range of learners across the world, with a student experience focused on leadership, industry and global citizenship. Locally, we are committed to strengthening access to higher education for rural, regional and remote Western Australians.

We have a significant global presence with an extensive network of national and international partnerships, a range of fully online courses and more than 50,000 students studying remotely or at one of our nine campuses in five countries.

A further 400,000 learners have registered for one of our 23 Massive Open Online Courses following the launch of our partnership with edX, a consortium of elite higher learning institutions.

Our educational offerings and research programs are delivered by our five study areas:

Curtin learning experience

We have completely transformed the way students learn at Curtin. By moving away from old static models of education delivery, we have created an interactive and engaging learning experience focused on empowering deeper learning.

Conventional teaching methods have been replaced by a suite of traditional and digital techniques comprising on-campus and online lectures, flipped classes, real world problem solving and game-based challenges, as well as remote learning through CurtinX (Massive Open Online Courses), available on the edX platform.

Students are able to join face-to-face workshops and tutorials through high-end video and web technologies; explore concepts, theories and alternative viewpoints through social media think tanks; and participate in game-based challenges to practice skills and test their knowledge.

Opportunities to study at partner universities, undertake work-integrated learning, acquire leadership experience and gain Indigenous cultural awareness are available within Australia and overseas, both as part of the curriculum and as extracurricular activities. Our unique Curtin Extra Certificate formally lists and recognises leadership and work-integrated learning experiences that students can undertake alongside their courses.

The future of learning

As the needs and expectations of employers continue to change, Curtin is responding by creating greater versatility in the design and availability of specialised qualifications.

We are unbundling our courses to offer short, flexible credentials, giving students the opportunity to gain university-level certifications in the specific skills and topics that are most aligned with their personal and professional aspirations, without having to study a full degree.

Students will have options to ‘stack’ credentials from different courses, MOOCS and professional development workshops to create a customised university degree that is highly relevant to their industry and individual career path.

We are also strengthening our digital environment and aim to deliver a seamless, vibrant and engaging learning experience to students across the globe. More flexible assessment processes will mean students will have the opportunity to work at their pace, and remote participation in assessments and exams will be possible from any location and on any device using invigilation technology.

While the expansion of the global economy means our student base will extend far beyond Australia’s borders, the learning experience at Curtin will become increasingly personalised.

Initiatives such as Curtin’s student relationship management system and learning analytics programs will give staff insight into the challenges and achievements of each individual student. We will be able to proactively engage with our students, making recommendations to promote and enhance their personal and professional development.

Our long term vision is Greater Curtin, a vibrant urban hub and knowledge city at Curtin’s campus in Perth, with an intricate network of on-campus and online educators, researchers and students engaged with learning at Curtin from all over the world.