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Curtin Sarawak campus

Curtin continued its international focus with the opening of the Sarawak Malaysia campus in 1999, on the invitation of the Sarawak State Government – an indication of the University’s outstanding reputation in the South-East Asian region. That same year, a major partnership with the Commonwealth Science Institute Research Organisation (CSIRO) resulted in the CSIRO housing many of its activities in the new state-of-the art Australian Resources Research Centre on Technology Park, adjacent to the Bentley campus. This continuing partnership is indicative of Curtin’s successful relationship with industry, business and government.

The new millennium saw Curtin expand again. The University’s commitment to regional education was honoured with new constructions in Esperance and the creation of a new campus in Margaret River in 2003. Construction, refurbishment and conversion programs became common across its campuses.

In 2005 Curtin Sydney was established with a focus on providing undergraduate and postgraduate business studies. A decision was later made to close the campus in early 2017.

In 2006 construction began on the University’s $116 million Resources and Chemistry Precinct. Completed in 2009, the precinct is a powerful and unique collaboration between university, government and industry that aims to take education and research to the next level by attracting world-class researchers and students to Curtin. It is hoped the precinct will eventually house the largest group of resources, minerals and chemistry researchers in the southern hemisphere.

Also opened in 2009 was the new sporting and recreation complex, Curtin Stadium. This multi-purpose complex accommodates a range of activities including academic, recreational and community events.

After Curtin’s success in establishing its first overseas campus in Sarawak, the new Curtin Singapore campus opened in December 2008. The S$20 million Curtin Singapore facility offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in commerce, health sciences and humanities.

In 2010 the University opened a new chapter in its history, changing its name from Curtin University of Technology to Curtin University. The change is considered a logical step, considering the breadth of Curtin’s offerings and our vision to be one of the top twenty research universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Curtin has come a long way since its inception. From its roots in technical education through to its evolution as an institute and rebirth as university, Curtin has stayed true to the writings of John Curtin, to “Look ever forward.”

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