LGBTIQ+ and Allies

Curtin is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment where people are welcomed, respected and valued, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Hear Curtin Ally’s executive champion Val Raubenheimer talk about the Ally program at Curtin.

Curtin Allies

Curtin’s Ally program has been running since 2006 and our Allies contribute to an inclusive and supportive environment at Curtin.

Our LGBTIQ+ Awareness Training is designed to raise awareness and understanding of contemporary challenges and barriers faced by LGBTIQ+ people. Once students or staff have completed the training, they can become a Curtin Ally.

Support for students and staff

We have a range of support and community initiatives for LGBTIQ+ students, staff and allies at Curtin, including a gender transition guide for those undergoing a gender transition.

LGBTIQ+ research at Curtin

Our LGBTIQ+ research includes:

Pride in Diversity AWEI Index

We are proud of our reputation and achievements as a member of Pride in Diversity and participation in the annual AWEI Index survey.